An Interview with Eric Mason

Recently I sat down with Eric Mason to discuss his new book, Manhood Restored, a great book and one that really challenged and encouraged me as a man, father, and leader. I am honored that we (at LifeWay) are partnering with Eric to serve men and churches. Along with the book is a great study for men’s groups that I encourage you to check out.

Eric resides in Philadelphia with His wife (Yvette) and two sons (Immanuel and Nehemiah). Dr. Mason is co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia. Eric is known for articulating and proclaiming the gospel with clarity, passion, and authority. He received his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary as well as a Doctorate degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

I’m also giving away a copy of both the book and study guide today on the blog. To be entered, tell us in the comments what manhood means to you.


  1. Jake says

    Manhood is following Christ, finding your identity in who God says you are not who the world says you are. It’s taking a stand for what you believe in when nobody else will. It’s being responsible in every area of your life. Always putting Christ first, no matter the cost!

  2. Marcus Malloy says

    Manhood, means that we are to live in accordance, to Gods word. Furthermore, that men are to stand firm and be lead, in order to lead we too must be lead. Manhood has many levels to it. Yet and still, being a man, must be determined by age and integrity and character. not mere age by law.

  3. Dave Hughes says

    Manhood is a reflection, a microcosm really, of some of the aspects and essence of God. Here’s the catch, if we don’t understand who God is, then we have no hope of understanding what manhood is. While we’ll never be able to say we ‘have it down’ this side of our sin-infested world, we’ll never even come close to reflecting the aspects of God that make up ‘manhood’ as he intended it, if we have no clue what we’re supposed to be reflecting.

  4. says

    Manhood means to be the man God has called every man to be. To be the best husband for my wife that I can be to love her as Christ loved the church. To be the best father I can be to my kids by leading them and training them. Being a man is to teach the Bible to your kids and not fear their questions. To be a man in God’s perspective to be a leader in the church and serve the church faithfully.

  5. Matthew Leighow says

    Manhood is being a disciple. It’s following after Jesus and daily truly following after Him. As a result of following after Jesus and having fellowship with Him, you will learn what it means to be a man. You will lead your wife in a Godly way. Lead your children in a Godly way. Or if you’re a single guy, you will lead a life that is honoring to Christ and be an example for other single believers. But it all starts at the Cross. Follow Christ and He will teach you what manhood means. Matthew 20:28 says that Jesus came to serve, not to be served. That’s what manhood is.

  6. Wes says

    Manhood is about living your life for Christ is all areas of your life whether it be at home, at work, with your friends and especially when we are alone. God has given men the duty of being leaders of our homes and we must step up and be the men he intended us to be.

  7. Hugh Sprague says

    Manhood is sacrificing every part of your self to serve your wife in the loving grace of Jesus. It’s putting the needs of your wife, children, your home before your self needs. It’s laying down your life, both physically, spiritually, and emotionally, at the foot of the Cross, and seeking Gods direction in every aspect of life. It’s waking every morning, and stepping up to the mirror of Gods word, to see how small and insufficient your are, and how grand and glorious God is. It’s about pushing pause on the remote, setting it down, and tucking your kids in at night. Is about building and lifting up your wife and children in Godly fatherly love, taking every opportunity to lead them to the Cross of Christ. It’s about losing battles in marriage that self pride initiates and self righteousness thrives on, knowing that no battle is worth winning over the war for your marriage. It’s about being a man whose love is not based on emotions and feelings, but based in Gods love, Ahava! A love that says no matter what this world throws at me, I’m not going anywhere, I’m in it to the end. It’s about treating your marriage not as a contract, but an unbreakable covenant that nothing can penetrate.

    Ultimately our true manhood is found in the love of Christ, when we quit seeing the world through the lens of self pride and temporal things, and in humility and humble hearts we chose to view life through the llens of grace found in the Gospel of Christ.

  8. Chad McCool says

    Manhood means that one has faith in Jesus Christ, that he lives in accordance to God, that he graciously and respectfully honors his being a child of God, one day a husband and then a father. Manhood comes to one who honors those covenants and rejects passivity. Who is the spiritual leader of his family and models himself as much as possible after Jesus and not Adam, so that his children can model after him to become men and women of God.

  9. Ryan Boyer says

    Manhood is granted by God through his created order. It includes the role of image bearer, garder keeper and workman. Because of the Fall, those roles and attributes have been altered and tarnished. Manhood, in order to have it restored as God intended, requires reconciliation through the Man-God Jesus Christ. In light of his atoning work, our identity is restored and we can bear witness to him to others and work and keep the new garden- God’s Kingdom- through fulfilling the Great Commission as members of God’s household in the roles of Christ followers, husbands and fathers.

  10. Jason Lee says

    Manhood in short is living out God’s word in your life and will be totally counter-cultural (one thing it will lead to as a Christian man is biblical manhood restored).

  11. liz says

    Manhood is living a life of Gods purpose, being the living epistle people see. Its a life seeped in the practice and joy of worship, the fear of the LORD and active love.

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