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Recruit a High Level Team: William Vanderbloemen

How does the command to “remove the log from your own eye” relate to building a strong team? How do you plan ahead when recruiting a team and avoid the tyranny of the urgent? How do you know when to hire and when to fire a team member?

William Vanderbloemen answers these pressing questions and explains how a leader can create a strategy for recruiting a high level team in the best way possible. Businesses struggle this, and churches are often worse at it, so William’s counsel is invaluable.”

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  1. Preston Mitchell says:

    Great wisdom for all church leaders.

  2. Powerful picture of that challenges of working in the church and finding the right person and fit your for your church culture and staff. The right balance so that there is an appropriate level of leadership—to use his words you don’t want a 10 following a 7.

    Critical stuff but healthy stuff and helpful stuff. Great video Eric, thanks and thanks for the link to what seems like another great site.

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