Leadership Links 2/14/14: Leadership Traits in Women, Maximizing Influence, and More

According to Tim Elmore, some parents display habits that undermine a child’s ability to grow into a leader. Here are seven of those parenting habits.

To lead well people must trust you, and transparency is a key part of earning trust. But there is such a thing as too much transparency. Carey Nieuwhof explains the balance between not enough and too much transparency.

Healthy organizations seek to put skilled leaders of both genders in positions of influence. Many leadership traits, though, are undervalued in women. Glenn Liopis of Forbes.com shares several of the most overlook leadership traits in women.

Much of the influence in and organization doesn’t come from the top, it comes from the middle. Middle management, team leaders, and faithful employees drive organizations, and Brad Lomenick shares how to maximize your influence from the middle.

Kindness isn’t a trait often listed as important for leaders because it is seen as a weakness. After all, “Nice guys finish last.” Scott Cochrane dispels four myths about kindness and shows why it is actually crucial for good leaders.

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