Links for Leaders: 2/21/14

Do you want to keep young talent at your organization? One thing will do so more than anything else: mentoring them.

Good assistants and administrators help leaders lead better, so losing one can be a significant problem. Geoff Surratt shares seven ways to drive an administrator crazy and, in the process, drive them to a different job.

American business and leadership favors extroverts. We often listen to those who talk first and talk loudest. Even our schedules and office layouts favor extroverts. In the process we miss the impact introverts can be having. Lisa Evans, of Fast Company, shares some ways organizations can change their cultures to accommodate introverts better.

Humor draws a team together and helps them through stressful times, but have you thought about the types of humor you’ve blended on a team? Do you have a “Jim Carey” next to a “Johnny Carson”?  It can make a big difference in how the team relates to one another.

Dan Schawbel, of Forbes, starts his article with “By 2025 millennials will account for 75% of the global work force.” Between now and then they will be transforming the workplace and shaping its future. Here are 10 ways they are doing so.

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