Links for Leaders: 2/28/14

Every leader must have certain traits and certain elements of his or her environment. Brad Lomenick lists 10.

Empathy is a crucial characteristic of good leaders. Carey Nieuwhof explains what it is (and isn’t) and gives 5 reasons why many leaders lack empathy.

If you are insecure as a leader it shows, and it weakens your leadership. Scott Cochrane shares 5 “isms” of insecure leaders to help diagnose and overcome this weakness.

At some point every leader must dismiss (downsize, let go, fire, etc.) a team member. It should never be done lightly or too easily. The Be A Leader blog offers 10 questions to ask before letting someone go.

An organization with disengaged employees is one that is functioning at less than capacity. But getting employees engaged in giving feedback, working enthusiastically, and being part of the over all decision making process can be difficult. HBR offer 4 keys to help leaders generate better employee engagement.

Not all leaders were straight A students or graduated magna cum laude. Many weren’t very good students at all. But all good leaders demonstrate a singular trait: the capacity and desire to learn and grow.


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