Links for Leaders 3/7/14

Every executive or leader wants his or her team to be more productive. Margaret Heffernan, of, shares some impressive results of a couple studies about leaders improved the productivity of their teams. What it takes is simple and every leader can do it.

In a larger church, the Executive Pastor is crucial to the success of the Lead Pastor. Often the Lead Pastor can do many things well, but there are many things only he can do. The Executive Pastor takes the reins on numerous responsibilities so that the Lead can focus on the things only he can do.

The Bible is full of stories of great leaders and their accomplishments. But even more pronounced are the stories of leadership failures. We can learn a lot from these. Thom Rainer lists 7 mistakes leaders make with examples from biblical characters.

Very few leaders are the top executive. Most of us have a boss. But what do we do when we’re right and the boss is wrong? Dan Rockwell gives 20 suggestions on how to lead from below, and do it well, when the boss is off-base.

No good leader likes confrontation, but every leader must confront others if he or she wants to lead well. Ron Edmondson offers 7 “Rs” for healthy correction of a team member that will help ease the pain of confrontation and bring about more productive results.

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