Effective Small Groups for Women

Julie Woodruff, Women’s Minister at Longhollow Baptist Church in Nashville, TN shares some thoughts on best practices when it comes to women’s small groups.

Small groups provide community. Julie shares a great quote she heard recently, “If you are aiming at community, you’ll miss it every time. But, if you have a mission, community will happen.” Church communities are different than any other communities.

Here are Julie’s thoughts on small groups:

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  1. Mary Beth Powers says

    Great advise Julie!! I had the privilege of sitting under Julie’s instruction in Beta. Very knowledgable!!
    I have 2 question for you Julie:
    1) what advise of you have on a follow up after a conference?
    2) would you consider a women’s ministry team a closed group?

  2. Belle says

    You mentioned a great debate over how long small groups should stay together. Can you expand on that? If a small group was thriving would you break it up simply for the sake of the larger group if it is not a closed group and others are welcome to join?

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