Links for Leaders 4/25/14

“Business speak” is a pitfall easy for leaders to fall into, and this humorous article from Entrepreneur points out 10 phrases you should avoid. Actually it points out dozens of instances of business lingo that need to be killed off.

Highly creative people have a reputation as difficult to manage. But is it fair or even remotely accurate? Stephen Brewster shares some helpful observation about creative people and pointers on leading them well.

Much emphasis is put on work habits, efficiency, proficiency, and expertise as a leader. But how much do you think about your heart? A good leader isn’t good unless his or her heart is healthy. Carey Nieuwhof shares 10 habits to help leaders guard their hearts.

Your team’s morale matters. Without good morale energy, focus, and execution all suffer. Here are 10 things you can say to your team to encourage them and improve morale.

Leaders can’t abdicate. There’s nor room for “That’s not my job” or “So-and-so handles that.” Instead, leaders must find solutions and help people. A big part of leadership is customer service.

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