Gospel and Groups

When writing Christians living in Corinth, the apostle Paul emphasized the gospel as of “chief importance” and “what believers have taken their stand on.” They did not receive and believe the good news of Jesus and then move on to something else. We don’t “move on” from the gospel because there is nothing else of “chief […]

Two Divisive (and Wrong) Definitions That Hurt the Church

Perhaps an unbiblical approach to ministry exists in many churches because an inaccurate vocabulary has infiltrated the people of God. When most people hear terms like “clergy” and “lay people,” certain images and definitions enter their minds. And these definitions are far from their original and intended meaning. Clergy Churches often think it makes sense […]

Life On Mission

When you think about missionaries in Scripture, the first one to come to mind is often the apostle Paul. Paul’s ministry model was life on mission for the gospel. Everywhere he went and every person he met provided an opportunity for the spread of the gospel, whether he was close to home or traveled far […]

Churches and Cruises to Nowhere

Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises to nowhere out of Norfolk, Virginia. You pay for a ticket, pack your bags, board a boat, and cruise to nowhere. You live on a boat for a few days—a boat that is going nowhere. In fact, here is a screen shot of the publicized itinerary for an upcoming cruise. […]

5 Thoughts on Unity and Uniformity

1. There is a danger in confusing uniformity and unity. Uniformity offers a pseudo-unity. After all, it is possible to build something (even a ministry) on uniformity and call it unity, when in reality it is not unity at all. A church with uniformity gathers people from the same socio-economic strata, the same cultural background, […]

Fragility of a Church; Strength of the Church

Churches are more fragile than we often realize. Leaders stumble and struggle. Pastors get sick. Natural disasters strike. Relationships go awry. Communities rapidly change. Local church fragility is not limited to struggling churches. Even healthy churches are fragile. Even churches that are built on the Word and not a personality or program are more delicate […]