Small Groups, Rebar, and Culture Blindness

The following post is by Michael Kelley. is an author, editor, and communicator whose works include Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal and Boring: Finding an Extraordinary God in an Ordinary Life. Born in Texas, Michael holds a Master of Divinity degree from Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Ala. Michael and his wife have three children and live in […]

2 Unintended Consequences of the Idea That “Anyone Can Lead a Group”

Over a decade ago, many small group pastors began to communicate messages such as “Anyone can lead a small group” and “If you can press play and make coffee, you can lead a small group.” For some of these churches, these messages were a way to help change the perception of what it takes to […]

4 Essentials in Ministry to Men

Not every healthy church has a formalized “men’s ministry,” but every healthy church ministers to men. Ministry to men must be a priority and a passion, not merely a program. If a formalized “men’s ministry” works best in a specific context, then the leaders should implement it, but it is possible to minister well to […]

5 Current Church Views of “Discipleship”

I have been in many settings with church leaders where the question was posed, “What is your church doing for discipleship?” I am grateful that church leaders are asking questions about the church’s fundamental mission—making disciples. After all, a church can excel at anything and everything else, but if the church fails to make disciples, […]

Interview: Matt Carter Discusses The Real Win

Watch this video interview with pastor Matt Carter as he shares the inspiration behind the Bible study, The Real Win: Pursuing God’s Plan for Authentic Success. Coauthored with record-setting Texas Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy, this study explores the essence and purpose of biblical manhood with the men and families who have shaped them. The study […]

Don’t Let Strategy Trump the Vision of Discipleship

The following is a guest post by Michael Kelley, director of discipleship at LifeWay Christian Resources. Antione de Saint-Exupery, the French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator, once said, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to […]

Groups Matter: An Interview with Ed Stetzer on Transformational Groups

The following is an interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of LifeWay Research. Ed and I recently co-authored a book, Transformational Groups. Ed, you and I worked on this book together, so I know a little bit of your thoughts on groups and community, but why did you see a need for a book on […]