4 Essentials in Ministry to Men

Not every healthy church has a formalized “men’s ministry,” but every healthy church ministers to men. Ministry to men must be a priority and a passion, not merely a program. If a formalized “men’s ministry” works best in a specific context, then the leaders should implement it, but it is possible to minister well to […]

5 Current Church Views of “Discipleship”

I have been in many settings with church leaders where the question was posed, “What is your church doing for discipleship?” I am grateful that church leaders are asking questions about the church’s fundamental mission—making disciples. After all, a church can excel at anything and everything else, but if the church fails to make disciples, […]

Interview: Matt Carter Discusses The Real Win

Watch this video interview with pastor Matt Carter as he shares the inspiration behind the Bible study, The Real Win: Pursuing God’s Plan for Authentic Success. Coauthored with record-setting Texas Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy, this study explores the essence and purpose of biblical manhood with the men and families who have shaped them. The study […]

Don’t Let Strategy Trump the Vision of Discipleship

The following is a guest post by Michael Kelley, director of discipleship at LifeWay Christian Resources. Antione de Saint-Exupery, the French aristocrat, writer, poet, and pioneering aviator, once said, “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to […]

Groups Matter: An Interview with Ed Stetzer on Transformational Groups

The following is an interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of LifeWay Research. Ed and I recently co-authored a book, Transformational Groups. Ed, you and I worked on this book together, so I know a little bit of your thoughts on groups and community, but why did you see a need for a book on […]

When a Blessing Becomes Meaningless

In Ecclesiastes 1, Solomon declares everything to be meaningless. He boldly states, “Vanity of vanities, vanity of vanities. All is vanity!” Just as the Bible uses the language “King of kings and Lord of lords” to emphasize that Jesus is above every king and every lord, Solomon is emphasizing that everything is emphatically and utterly […]

Managing the Downside of Your Groups Approach

There has been ample debate on the approach a church takes to their small groups. Should the groups be “open” or “closed”? Should the groups meet on-campus or off-campus? I rejoice that the discussions take place because this means pastors and ministry leaders are wrestling with how to help people live in biblical community. At […]