Links for Leaders 3/27/15

Innovation is an important part of leadership. Adapting to new circumstances in your organization or events in broader culture is often imperative to effective leadership. This is a helpful piece from the Harvard Business Review on innovating without losing your core idea. “Do you give your team energy or do you drain them of energy? Is […]

Links for Leaders 3/20/15

“Much of what a leader does can seem unproductive at times. For someone wired for production — progress — checklist completion — even wasted.” Helpful thoughts from Ron Edmondson on seven valuable, but seemingly tedious, tasks of a leader. Being young is great, but it can be scary at times, too—especially when you don’t know what […]

Why the Church Should Excel in Developing Leaders

In a local community, no other gathering of people or institution should outpace the church at forming and developing leaders because no other collection or gathering of people has a greater mission, a greater promise, and a greater reward. No greater mission Today, even as you read this, leaders are being recruited. There are meetings […]

Poptarts, Budweiser, and Leadership

Poptarts and Budweiser. I am endorsing neither, but one of these brands has experienced 25 years of consecutive decline and one has experienced 30 years of consecutive growth. When I have asked people which one has been growing, they often respond with Budweiser. After all, they have produced some commercials that seemed to grab cultural […]

Links for Leaders 3/13/15

Efficiently and effectively accomplishing goals and furthering the mission of the team is at the core of the leader’s job. But sometimes, leaders find themselves accomplishing nothing, which isn’t a good place to be. Here are six ways to assure you will not accomplish anything in leadership. What does leadership fruitfulness look like? I really […]

Links for Leaders 3/6/15

“Jesus was a friend of sinners. This is clearly established throughout the gospels. Jesus was among them, in relationship with them, respected by them and evidently they enjoyed his company enough that they continued to seek him out.” -Micah Fries sharing three ways to be a friend of sinners. Pride is insidious, isn’t it? Leaders […]

3 Well-Meaning (but Unhelpful) Approaches During Grief

As you likely know, Kaye’s father recently passed away. During this time the love, support, prayers, meals, notes of encouragement, and messages have been overwhelming. We have great neighbors and great friends. I cannot imagine grieving without the body of Christ surrounding us, encouraging us and loving us. Watching Kaye grieve has been saddening and […]