Links for Leaders 9/12/14

You have to face it: you’re not going to be best friends with everyone on your team. In fact, there may be a few people on your team you don’t really like at all. Todd Adkins of Ministry Grid shared six ways to lead staff you don’t like over on Brad Lomenick’s blog. Most senior […]

3 Tips on Leading Laterally

When most people hear the word leadership, they think of the relationship between the leader and those he/she is responsible for, serves, and shepherds. But when we understand leadership as Oswald Sanders describes it—as “influencing others”—we must include “leading laterally.” By lateral leadership I am referring to leading your peers, those you serve alongside but […]

Links for Leaders 9/5/14

Teams come in all shapes and sizes — from a softball team to an executive team. Any team is important, especially the ones that serve the Lord and His Church. Here are four principles to building a high-performing team. As young people graduate college and begin to work in various vocations, they are going to […]

Links for Leaders 8/29/14

When it comes to church leadership, effective discipleship is high on the list of priorities. Discipleship is a broad term that is often used to describe many things from Bible study to one-on-one spiritual mentorship. Here are two ways churches can model healthy discipleship. Teamwork can be difficult, but it can be incredibly helpful when […]

NEXT: An Interview with William Vanderbloemen

William Vanderbloemen has helped hundreds of churches find the right staff for their teams. And because of his experience and ongoing conversations with pastors and churches that are strategically looking at leadership succession, he has a broad and simultaneously up-close perspective on the issue. I am honored to have him answer some questions today based […]

5 Crucial Steps for New Leaders

The following is a guest post by Selma Wilson. Selma is one of the vice presidents of LifeWay, leading our B&H Publishing Group. I am honored to serve alongside Selma and consider her to be an incredible leader.  Congratulations on your new leadership role. Whatever the process that got you to this point, and no matter the […]

Character First

This blog post was originally posted at Verge Network.   When the apostle Paul challenged Timothy to reproduce himself in others, to broaden the number of leaders, and to hand ministry over to more people, he emphasized character over competence. He didn’t diminish competence, but he started with character. Notice the order of the language […]

Links for Leaders 8/22/14

The greatest need in the church today? Leadership development. Mac Lake explains that it can’t be accomplished just with good content, it takes strategy and practice. Do you have a difficult time saying “No”? There are a number of reasons you ought to learn how to say it. Aspiring young leaders abound. What can young leaders do […]

3 Thoughts on Delivering Bad News Well

Because we live in a fallen and imperfect world, a world subjected to futility, leaders will face difficult and trying seasons. Budgets won’t be met. Teams will struggle. Strategic and tactical decisions will prove not to be the best. Plans won’t be executed as well as they should. Contexts will change. Some of the difficulties […]