Links for Leaders: 10/24/14

Money can be the root of all sorts of evils. At the same time, it’s necessary to provide food, shelter, and plenty of other important things. How do the gospel and money relate? Can we love money and the gospel? Helpful thoughts on money and the gospel from Halim Suh. Christian leadership is difficult sometimes, […]

Do You Lack Vision?

The following is a guest post by Eric Mason. Dr. Eric Mason is co-founder and lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, Pa. In addition to his role there, he serves as president of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry to the urban context. Are you one of […]

Links for Leaders 10/17/14

Are you an individualistic leader? Are you too individualistic? How can you know for sure? Matt Perman shares some insight on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog. Most churches admit they need more leaders. Is your church doing everything it can to disciple and develop new, young leaders? Probably not, and Ron Edmondson explains why. Are you aware […]

When Should Leaders Change Their Minds?

The following is a guest post by Dr. Jeff Iorg. Jeff Iorg is president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of several books, including Seasons of a Leader’s Life, The Painful Side of Leadership, and Unscripted. Iorg, and his wife Ann have three children and live in Mill Valley, Calif. His hobbies include […]

Links for Leaders 10/3/14

Ron Edmondson is a wise pastor who shepherds and leads people well and his blog is always helpful. Here are his seven commandments of leadership. Leadership has its difficulties even for the most seasoned leader, but being a new leader isn’t easy either. Harvard Business review has five tips for the new leader, and I think they’re […]

Links for Leaders 9/26/14

God cares about work. That job you do for forty to seventy hours a week, God actually cares about it. He made you to do that job. He has called you to your profession, field and industry. Good words from Tyler David on the gospel and your work. For the Christian leader, there is arguably […]