Links for Leaders 7/31/15

Pastors and church leaders must be intentional about equipping people to be leaders, not simply enabling them to do what they want. If the church is to develop leaders effectively, we must equip. In our present digital age, it is important to be inauthentic as leaders. It is imperative for leaders to be authentic. Brad […]

Seven Signs Success Has Outgrown Your Character

Success has plagued many leaders. They experience the Lord’s blessing, see the fruits of their labor, and receive recognition. And many times, the success goes to their heads and hearts and pulls them away from utter dependence on the One who gave success in the first place. King Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26) is an example: […]

Three Reasons Leaders Must Constantly Ask “Why”

Wise leaders constantly ask “why.” Not because they find joy in questioning everything but because they want to ensure the thinking beneath the decisions is sound and the motivations beneath the actions are pure. Instead of mindlessly executing, they think deeply about what is beneath the execution. Instead of simply implementing, they care about the […]

Links for Leaders 7/24/15

Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility, but it can certainly come with its challenges along the way. These 12 things, though, devastate leadership. “Determining who you hire for a job plays a big part in forming your company’s culture and ensuring its future success,” writes Carolyn Sun. Helpful post on evaluating emotional intelligence. “Leaders hold […]

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Leadership Development Results You Want 

Mac Lake serves as the visionary architect for the Multiply Group, a ministry that seeks to provide reproducible systems for church plants. He has served for many years as a pastor and church planter and coached numerous pastors in their ministries as well. Mac serves on the advisory council for Ministry Grid and blogs at   You’re spending […]

Eight Things Church Leaders Should Never Say About Leadership Development

What you say about leadership development, even in casual conversations, will inevitably impact the culture you are forming. Because how you speak of leadership development will influence perceptions about developing leaders, here are eight things church leaders should never say (if you think any of them, some rethinking is in order): It is not my job. […]