Links for Leaders 4/24/15

As a leader, you’re going to mess up. It’s just a fact of the leadership life. When you do, it’s important to apologize appropriately. Helpful thoughts on effective apologies from Scott Cochrane. Uber and Lyft are revolutionizing the transportation industry. Is it possible that church leaders could learn something from them? Daniel Im thinks so, […]

7 Basics for Better Staff Meetings

Though it is common to lament staff meetings, to take jabs at their usefulness, and to breathe a sigh of relief when they are canceled, the reality is that staff meetings are essential. Teams must communicate. Without effective staff meetings, over time, people and teams will move in a plethora of directions. I have been […]

4 Leadership Traits the World Needs

What impact does integrity have on a leader’s performance? Does a leader’s character impact the organization the leader is leading? According to recent research conducted by KRW International, CEOs noted for their integrity led their organizations to higher levels of performance than those CEOs with lower integrity scores. * Employees were asked to rate their […]

5 Ways to Communicate Better

The following is a blog post by Philip Nation. Philip is the Director of Content Development at LifeWay. This blog post, which first appeared on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog, is particularly helpful. Communication is a key component to leadership. If you are communicating, then you are leading in some way. Here are five principles […]

5 Expressions of Cowardly Leadership

In his classic book Spiritual Leadership, Oswald Sanders lists courage along with humility, sincerity, and integrity as essential qualities for leaders. He writes, “Leadership always faces natural human inertia and opposition. But courage follows through with a task until it is done.” The antithesis of courageous leadership, of course, is cowardly leadership, where leaders lack […]