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How the Bible Defines Shepherd

“Shepherding” is an unusual term in our modern society. Most of us have only encountered sheep at a petting zoo. But shepherding is a term the Bible uses often in referring to leaders. Shepherds were a normal, common part of the culture in the … [Continue reading]

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The Effectiveness of a “Lazy, Intelligent” Leader

Erich von Manstein is historically known as one of Germany’s best military strategists and field commanders. He was a part of Hitler’s regime and committed/allowed horrific atrocities against the Jewish people. Some believe Hitler may have won if he … [Continue reading]

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Knowledge and Zeal

Four kinds of persons: zeal without knowledge; knowledge without zeal; neither knowledge nor zeal; both zeal and knowledge. The first three condemned him. The last acquitted him, were excommunicated by the Church, and yet saved the Church. ~ … [Continue reading]


Links for Leaders 3/28/14

Pride undermines leadership, but everyone battles it one way or another. Carey Nieuwhof shares 5 habits that reveal prideful leaders. Grammar: it’s likely not something you’ve thought much about since elementary school, but it is really important … [Continue reading]

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Who, What, and Where

Yesterday I was talking to a good friend about his next ministry assignment and what is most compelling to him about his next step in vocational ministry. We talked about which is more important to him during this next phase of his life—the who, the … [Continue reading]


Center Your Student Ministry on the Gospel

The largest, most-educated generation in history is rising. The Milennials are the future leaders of our organizations and churches and the shapers of culture. For some this might be scary. But isn’t it an opportunity? Imagine if this powerful, … [Continue reading]

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Defining Expectations with Your Supervisor

For a season I facilitated coaching networks for executive pastors—leaders who serve under the leadership of a senior pastor and are often responsible for the daily operations, the staff, and other large buckets of work. One of the most consistent … [Continue reading]

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Paid Debt and Response

Perhaps you have pulled through a Starbucks drive-through and experienced the barista informing you that the person in the car in front of you has already paid for your coffee. In that moment, your heart is filled with gratitude over a small action. … [Continue reading]


Links for Leaders 3/21/14

Peter Drucker write one of the classic leadership books of all time, The Effective Executive. It has had wide-spread influence to the point that most modern leadership and business books have Drucker’s “finger prints” on them, whether or not the … [Continue reading]

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