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3 Wrong Assumptions Church Leaders Make

The following is a guest post by Trevin Wax. ​Trevin Wax is managing editor of The Gospel Project at LifeWay Christian Resources, and blogger at The Gospel Coalition. As a church leader, you’ve probably noticed that when your assumptions are … [Continue reading]


An Example of Leading from the Pulpit

I wrote a blog on “Leading from the Pulpit” because our executive vice president at LifeWay, Brad Waggoner, kept asking me to do so. I told him that he should, but he doesn’t really have an online presence. He has tweeted twice, once on accident and … [Continue reading]

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Flying and the Expulsive Power of a New Affection

I do not like getting on airplanes. I don't like going through security. I don’t like taking my shoes off and getting my socks all wrinkled up in my shoes. Airport food is just a notch above tolerable to me. I can’t stand turbulence. I really don’t … [Continue reading]

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Links for Leaders 7/11/14

What do you do if God calls you to lead? Faith Whatley shares 15 tips for successful leadership. You must begin by going before the Lord in prayer, but what follows? Leadership is one of the most over-used and overwrought topics in Christian … [Continue reading]


Leading from the Pulpit

I remember the criticism well. The pastor of the church I was serving had just finished sharing his heart during the sermon about a direction he and a community of leaders sensed the Lord was leading the church. He wasn’t leading alone. Prayer and … [Continue reading]


The Taste of Starting Over: A guest post by Ben Mandrell

Ben Mandrell is currently preparing to pastor the church plant, Storyline Fellowship, which will be based in Denver. Previously, Ben served as senior pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in West Tennessee. He is the author of the Bible study, Do Over: … [Continue reading]


Not Fair to Lead Everyone the Same

I remember hearing sports commentators debate the rightness and fairness of Phil Jackson’s admission that he led each of his players differently—that he treated Michael Jordan differently from another player on the team. Some cried foul, insisting … [Continue reading]

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Marcus Aurelius and Our Lives

In approximately A.D. 62, the apostle Paul wrote in his letter to the Colossians: All things have been created through Him and for Him… and by Him all things hold together. Sometime between the years 161 and 180, Marcus Aurelius wrote his famous … [Continue reading]

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Micromanagement or Leadership?

What some people call micromanagement is really leadership providing necessary accountability. And what some leaders call leadership is really micromanagement. For example—when meeting with staff teams, I have often heard conflicting statements … [Continue reading]

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