Links for Leaders 7/31/15

Pastors and church leaders must be intentional about equipping people to be leaders, not simply enabling them to do what they want. If the church is to develop leaders effectively, we must equip. In our present digital age, it is important to be inauthentic as leaders. It is imperative for leaders to be authentic. Brad […]

Seven Signs Success Has Outgrown Your Character

Success has plagued many leaders. They experience the Lord’s blessing, see the fruits of their labor, and receive recognition. And many times, the success goes to their heads and hearts and pulls them away from utter dependence on the One who gave success in the first place. King Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26) is an example: […]

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Leadership Development Results You Want 

Mac Lake serves as the visionary architect for the Multiply Group, a ministry that seeks to provide reproducible systems for church plants. He has served for many years as a pastor and church planter and coached numerous pastors in their ministries as well. Mac serves on the advisory council for Ministry Grid and blogs at   You’re spending […]

Six Places Leaders Are Developed

Where does leadership development happen? What environments are beneficial to leaders in their development? From a Christian perspective, leadership development is not constrained to one environment. Because the whole world is His, leadership development can happen in a plethora of places. Because He continually matures His people, God will use anything to conform us more […]

Three Challenges of Leading a Growing Church

There are some inherent blessings to serving on staff at a growing church. The energy and excitement are high as you are privileged to see new people coming to faith, new families being served, and new people being connected. The growth creates momentum and helps cover up mistakes that are more noticeable when you are […]


I am honored to lead the Resources Division at LifeWay and serve with a team of leaders who are passionate to serve the Church in Her mission of making disciples. Each Wednesday, I share the heart behind one of the resources our team has developed and give an opportunity for you to register to win a free copy of […]

Leaving a Legacy of Leadership: How Moses Developed Leaders

Leadership is always a temporary assignment—always. It is a temporary assignment because leaders do not ultimately own the teams, ministries, or organizations that they lead. They simply steward what the Lord has entrusted to their care for a season. Wise leaders embrace the temporal reality of leading, and they prepare the ministry for the future. […]

Leadership Development Is Part of Discipleship

Often ministry leaders will ask, “What do you do for discipleship?” and then a few moments later ask, “What do you do for leadership development?”—as if the two are mutually exclusive. This is a grave mistake. While it may be helpful to view leadership development as advanced discipleship or as a subset of discipleship, it […]