3 Reasons (Some) Churches Don’t Value Equipping

The biblical model for local church ministry is not that pastors would “do ministry” but that they would “equip others for ministry” (Ephesians 4:11-13). Sadly, many churches do not recognize or act on the assignment God has given pastors. For example, peruse the typical job descriptions churches give for their pastors. In many churches, you […]

3 Reasons (Some) Pastors Don’t Equip

The role of pastor is divinely designed to prepare others for ministry, not to perform all the duties in ministry. Pastors are not called to “do ministry” but to “equip believers” to minister to one another (Ephesians 4:11-13). Yet some pastors prefer to hoard ministry to themselves rather than equip others. Some pastors are like […]

Links for Leaders 8/22/14

The greatest need in the church today? Leadership development. Mac Lake explains that it can’t be accomplished just with good content, it takes strategy and practice. Do you have a difficult time saying “No”? There are a number of reasons you ought to learn how to say it. Aspiring young leaders abound. What can young leaders do […]

Links for Leaders 8/8/14

Are you one of those people who attempts to put things together without using the instructions? You realize that says something very telling about you, right? Eric Mason asks, “Do You Lack Vision?” While many leaders see staff meetings as vital to the success of their organization, most employees see them as a painful waste […]

Links for Leaders 6/13/14

Sometimes there is a question behind the question, writes Michael Kelley. There is power in asking the RIGHT question. Leadership involves the innovation and execution of ideas. But sometimes great ideas aren’t the best ideas for your ministry.  Josh Patterson gives four questions leaders should ask about their ideas. Peruse the self-help section of the […]

3 Small Ways to Initiate “Roving Leadership”

Last week, I blogged about two common hindrances to empowering others: insecure leaders and unhealthy expectations. Great leaders empower others. They practice entrusting responsibility and authority to others, to people Max Depree described as “roving leaders,” who transcend title and make great things happen. Instead of leading and executing everything, wise and biblically motivated leaders […]