Effective Small Groups for Women

Julie Woodruff, Women’s Minister at Longhollow Baptist Church in Nashville, TN shares some thoughts on best practices when it comes to women’s small groups. Small groups provide community. Julie shares a great quote she heard recently, “If you are aiming at community, you’ll miss it every time. But, if you have a mission, community will […]

Why Brentwood Baptist Church is Using Ministry Grid

Brentwood Baptist Church, a multisite church in the Nashville area is using Ministry Grid to train hundreds of volunteers and prepare hundreds of students for missions. Watch their story of why Ministry Grid is the ideal tool for them and see how it might transform volunteer and leader training at your church. Read more about […]

Commandments for Ministry Leaders: Bob Russell

Bob Russell is renowned among pastors for how he led Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY) during his four decades as its pastor. He led well, grew the church, was faithful to Jesus and left gracefully with the church maintaining its growth and strong mission. In this video clip he lays out three of his “10 commandments for church staff”. […]