3 Reasons Student Pastors Make Great Senior Pastors

First Baptist Church in West Monroe (First West) is a great church that has served North Louisiana well for a long time. A year ago they asked their student pastor, Michael Wood, to serve as their senior pastor. Not only were the people convinced of his character, as they watched his life for several years, […]

When They Won’t Follow Your Leadership

The following is by Jared Moore. Jared currently pastors New Salem Baptist Church in Hustonville, KY and is married with four children. He’s the author of 10 Sacred Cows in Christianity That Need to be Tipped. This post originally appeared on LifeWay Church Leaders. What if I shared with you that I’m thinking of leaving my church […]

Fighting Blue Monday: Be Helpful, Not Great

The following post is by Doug Hankins. Doug Hankins is the Teaching Pastor at LifePoint Church, an American church historian, and an author of Dawson Trotman: In His Own Words. Doug holds a PhD From Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He blogs at doughankins.com. This post originally appeared on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog. Blue Monday. If […]

What happens when your discipleship pastor goes missing?

Leaders and organizations make decisions all the time. They choose a direction, allocate resources, and execute. Often there are unintended implications, sometimes good and sometimes bad. The unintended implications don’t necessarily reveal themselves immediately but are often more understood as time passes. In the last 6-8 years, the role of “minister of education” or “discipleship […]

Avoiding a Moral Fall

Every year dozens of pastors fall, and it’s almost always because of a moral failure. Not an ethical one, not a doctrinal one – a moral one. Why? Mike Minter shares why this happens – pastors “get used to the dark.” That is, pastors become accustomed to the lower moral standards of the culture. Minter […]

4 Practices That Reduce Distractions in Worship Services

In his biography on Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Iain Murray writes about the seriousness and attentiveness that surrounded the preaching at Westminster Chapel in London during Lloyd-Jones’ ministry: Silence prevailed in the large congregation. The stillness generally deepened as the service proceeded… There were certain arrangements designed to encourage quietness. For the first part of the service […]

2 Key Words for Pastors This Easter

As your Easter services are quickly approaching, I thought I would share a few thoughts for church leaders around two key words: assimilation and transformation. Though one does not necessarily lead to the other, they are both important. Assimilation As you encourage your church members to bring friends to church this weekend, think as much […]