Links for Leaders 10/17/14

Are you an individualistic leader? Are you too individualistic? How can you know for sure? Matt Perman shares some insight on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog. Most churches admit they need more leaders. Is your church doing everything it can to disciple and develop new, young leaders? Probably not, and Ron Edmondson explains why. Are you aware […]

Links for Leaders 8/29/14

When it comes to church leadership, effective discipleship is high on the list of priorities. Discipleship is a broad term that is often used to describe many things from Bible study to one-on-one spiritual mentorship. Here are two ways churches can model healthy discipleship. Teamwork can be difficult, but it can be incredibly helpful when […]

Links for Leaders 4/25/14

“Business speak” is a pitfall easy for leaders to fall into, and this humorous article from Entrepreneur points out 10 phrases you should avoid. Actually it points out dozens of instances of business lingo that need to be killed off. Highly creative people have a reputation as difficult to manage. But is it fair or […]

Links for Leaders 4/11/14

An important aspect of effective leadership is awareness of what your team is interested in and engaging. This list of the top 300 church blogs is exceptionally helpful in knowing what is drawing the interests of Christians around the web. You can’t follow someone you don’t trust. The flip side of this is that people […]

Defining Expectations with Your Supervisor

For a season I facilitated coaching networks for executive pastors—leaders who serve under the leadership of a senior pastor and are often responsible for the daily operations, the staff, and other large buckets of work. One of the most consistent lines of questioning I received from these leaders pertained to role clarity regarding decision-making and […]

6 Ways to Shift Responsibility

A team of people who shift blame from one person to another, who do not embrace ultimate responsibility, will never accomplish anything great. And a team who collectively tolerates the shifting of responsibility will never fulfill its mission as fully as it could. Of course, no one wants to admit that he/she is not taking […]