Three Reasons Leaders Must Constantly Ask “Why”

Wise leaders constantly ask “why.” Not because they find joy in questioning everything but because they want to ensure the thinking beneath the decisions is sound and the motivations beneath the actions are pure. Instead of mindlessly executing, they think deeply about what is beneath the execution. Instead of simply implementing, they care about the […]

Skills Can Kill: 4 Dangers of (Only) Skills-Based Leadership Development

Both character and competence are essential for leaders. Of David, the king of Israel, the Scripture states, “He shepherded them with a pure heart and guided them with his skillful hands” (Psalm 78:72). In other words, David possessed both character and competence. When people think of developing leaders, they often think in terms of necessary […]

Success Should Never Rest on One

The following post is by Barnabas Piper. Barnabas serves as Brand Manager for  Ministry Grid at LifeWay. Piper blogs at The Blazing Center and is the author of The Pastors Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity and the forthcoming Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not The Enemy of Faith. Barnabas loves the Lord, the Church, and is extremely gifted. This […]

Links for Leaders 3/20/15

“Much of what a leader does can seem unproductive at times. For someone wired for production — progress — checklist completion — even wasted.” Helpful thoughts from Ron Edmondson on seven valuable, but seemingly tedious, tasks of a leader. Being young is great, but it can be scary at times, too—especially when you don’t know what […]

The Senior Pastor/Executive Pastor Fit

The role of “executive pastor” is a growing position in churches. While specifics change from context to context, typically the executive pastor leads the staff, oversees the daily operations, and provides strategic and administrative leadership to the church. Initially, the role was viewed as almost exclusive to very large churches where it was logically perceived […]