The Bottom-Line of Church Ministry

The reason Jesus left His disciples on the planet was to make other disciples. The fundamental reason your church exists is to make disciples of Jesus. To the church at Colossae, the apostle Paul wrote a defining statement about his ministry to the church. “I have become its (the church’s) servant, according to God’s administration […]

Leo Tolstoy: Youth Group President?

In many student ministries, Leo Tolstoy would be viewed as a hero, a model for moral discipline and Christian virtue. Tolstoy was a famous Russian philosopher and author in the mid-1800s, best known for his novel War and Peace. He pursued moralistic perfection in his faith, a task that many viewed as noble. He set […]

Ministry Calling: What, Who, and Where

Through my years in ministry, I have noticed people describe their commitment or calling to a specific place of ministry differently. Some speak of a calling to a specific task or role, such as “I am called to preach” or “I am called to work with teenagers.” These are the “what” leaders who focus on “what” […]

Ambidextrous Ministry

An article entitled “The Ambidextrous Organization” from Harvard Business Review has really resonated with me as a leader in a large traditional organization. “Ambidextrous,” in this case, means exactly what you would think it means: managing new initiatives and established ones at the same time. While reading, I noted many implications for ministry leaders in […]

Easter Challenge to Pastors

As Easter weekend approaches, I thought I would share a few thoughts for church leaders around two key words: assimilation and transformation. Though one does not necessarily lead to the other, they are both important.   Assimilation…  As you encourage your church members to bring friends on Easter weekend, think as much about the Monday […]