2 Indicators You (or Someone on Your Team) Have Not “Owned It”

None of us is perfect. And the obvious implication for leaders and team members is that we are going to make mistakes, disappoint people we serve, miss deadlines, and not always execute flawlessly. A pattern of missed execution is very different from a moment of missed execution. We all have moments of misses. But a […]

3 Indicators of Integrity Lapses in Leaders

Integrity. It is a powerful word. It is used to describe people whose private lives match their public lives, whose actions match their words, who live honorably and humbly. Rightfully so, we long for our leaders to be filled with integrity. For more than twenty years, people have used The Perceived Leader Integrity Scale as […]

3 Reasons Many Leaders Receive Too Much Credit/Blame

Most leaders receive too much credit for the good things that take place during their tenure and too much blame for the bad. If the results are good, typically a leader, even if he or she attempts to deflect the accolades, receives credit for his or her stellar leadership. And if the results are bad, […]

When “Everyone Is Saying…”

Perhaps one day it will happen. Perhaps one day the statement “Everyone is saying…” will really mean everyone is saying. Perhaps one day the statement “A lot of people think…” will really mean a lot of people think. But so far, in nearly twenty years of ministry, “Everyone” has never been everyone. And “A lot […]