The Work Does the Work of Developing

A basketball player can benefit from watching videos and going to clinics, but it is the experience in real games that forms the player. The same is true when it comes to developing young and emerging leaders, both in the marketplace and in ministry. In fact, leaders within the Human Resources discipline claim that 70% […]

4 Ways to Spot an Interested Leader (Not One Focused on Being Interesting)

In his famous work, Good to Great, Jim Collins coined the phrase “level five leader.” The leaders Collins wrote about were ones who were fiercely and boldly committed to the mission of those they led but simultaneously humble. Humility and boldness can and must coexist in a leader’s life. Collins described the level five leaders […]

5 Common Ways Leaders Undermine Themselves

The dictionary first defines undermine as “eroding the base or foundation” and second as “damaging or weakening someone or something.” A river can undermine its banks and cause them to erode over time, and someone can undermine a leader and erode the leader’s credibility over time. Poor leaders undermine themselves far more frequently than others […]

3 Reasons Leading Volunteers Is a Great Test

I believe that leading volunteers is truly a great test of one’s leadership. In many ways, leading volunteers is the ultimate test of one’s ability to lead others. When I interview someone, I don’t only look for their work with “paid staff”; I pay close attention to their history leading volunteers. I have hired people […]

Three Thoughts on Discipleship and Jesus’ Method

Jesus could have chosen any method to ensure the world would hear of His gracious sacrifice for them, to ensure that the message would be shared around the globe. The world is His, so all resources are at His disposal and none of His plans can be thwarted. He could have designed a means to […]

Dan, 10,000 Hours, and Your Development

Dan McLaughlin quit his job in April 2010, and with absolutely no experience at golf, he decided to dedicate himself to the game through 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. He is almost halfway through the 10,000 hours and now has a handicap of four. So the practice is clearly making an impact. You can track […]

You Are a Builder

Congratulations, you are a builder. Build lives. That is what ministry is all about. It is what you and your church are called to do. The apostle Paul gives specific instructions to church leaders: And He personally gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers,for the training of the saints […]