Popeyes, Our Fascination With “New,” and the Exhaustion of Climbing

Because I grew up in the New Orleans area I grew up eating and loving Popeye’s Chicken (Popeyes started in New Orleans). As a kid, my parents would drive us by Al Copeland’s house at Christmas, the founder of Popeyes, because of the incredible Christmas lights he put up each year. My childhood nostalgia had […]

4 Ways to Avoid Being a Distracted Leader

An effective leader is a focused leader. A distracted leader greatly limits his or her effectiveness. Instead of leveraging influence, intellect, and inspiration towards a great purpose, a distracted leader divides resources across a plethora of priorities. A distracted leader commonly diffuses attention and focus and chases too many goals. Distractions can come masked as […]

6 Signs You Are an Easily Distracted Leader

D.L. Moody said, “Give me a person who says, ‘This one thing I do,’ and not ‘These 50 things I dabble in.’” He was likely referring to several biblical passages where believers described their single-minded focus on the Lord (Philippians 3:13-14 and Psalm 27:4, for example). When it comes to our spiritual maturity, focus is […]

Coach Popovich and Three Types of Distractions Focused Leaders Abhor

Gregg Popovich is an incredible basketball coach. Year after year, under his leadership, the San Antonio Spurs compete for championships. NBA fans enjoy watching his in-game interviews because of his sarcasm and unpredictable responses. Here are some of Coach Popovich’s best in-game interviews. The reason for his short responses is, as you may have assumed, […]

The Illusion of a Strategy

The illusion of a strategy is worse than not having a strategy. For the person who wants to lose weight, the illusion of a diet/exercise plan is worse than not having one. Because when you don’t have one, you at least know you don’t have one. For the person attempting to save for retirement, the […]