8 Reasons I Stopped Stressing About “Losing my Salvation” 

The question “Can I lose my salvation” is one of the biggest questions I wrestled with when I first became a Christian. I loved Jesus but still struggled with so many things and because I struggled with so many things, I wondered if my struggles would take me outside of God’s grace. I remember coming […]

How to Complain to God the Right Way

I was working on a message at home and Evie, my youngest, came and sat next to me and saw on the document “How to complain to God.” Her response was like many responses, “What! That’s crazy! Can you do that?” Though her complaints are not as weighty as the anguish among many in this […]

Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and God’s Heart for Justice

Several years ago, I was speaking at a church where I frequently spoke, among people I loved and who loved me, and during a sermon, I referenced that many in the body of Christ, our African American brothers and sisters, were hurting. And that when brothers and sisters in Christ are hurting, we should listen, […]

The Only Way To Rejoice Always

I have been thinking about the command to “Rejoice Always” a lot over the last five weeks for two reasons. First, I have been preparing for a teaching series on God’s will in the Scripture “rejoicing always” is clearly His desire for us. The apostle Paul wrote: “Rejoice always. Pray constantly, give thanks in everything; […]

About “Your Truth” and “My Truth”

Words matter. We deploy them to communicate, to capture what we are thinking, feeling, and sensing. Words can build people up or tear people down. Words can divide or they can unite. Leaders know that the leadership axiom “words create worlds” is true, that the words we use in our ministries and organizations create the […]

Why You Should Stare at the Ocean This Summer

Kaye pokes fun of me for the number of sunset pictures and beach picture I take on vacation. And if it is a sunset on a beach, then watch out! The sound of the waves, the feeling of sand beneath your feet, the smell of fresh salty air, the way to sun reflects off the […]

The Shanghai Marriage Market, Match.Com, And Our Incompatibility with God

I have never been to the Shanghai marriage market, but every Saturday and Sunday the market runs for five hours, rain or shine. Parents and grandparents who want their kids or grandkids to get married post portfolios and peruse others, hoping for a match. Descriptions of each person are posted on walls or umbrellas. If […]

Steve Jobs the Father and our Eternal Father

A few months ago, Lisa Brennan-Jobs released her memoir, Small Fry, about growing up as Steve Job’s daughter. It caused me to reflect on my own parenting and also my Christian faith. Lisa is an incredible writer and the story is incredibly sad. When she was born, Jobs arrived a few days later and insisted […]

How Being a Father Helps You Know the Father

In the Geiger house there is a moment on Father’s Day that is one of my favorite moments each year. Kaye started the tradition ten years ago when she gave me the “Daddy book,” a book each daughter gives me and adds to each year. They add pictures, list their favorite memories from the year, […]

Anger, Atonement, and the Academy Awards

As this year’s (2018) Academy Awards began, people were still talking about the moment during last year’s Academy Awards when Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty presented the Oscar for Best Picture to the wrong cast. The moment, known as Envelopegate or the most shocking moment in Oscar history, was perhaps best captured in this photograph […]