How Much Money Is Enough? (and Other Wisdom From Proverbs)

Recent research by T. Rowe Price reveals that parents who are “trying to keep up with the Joneses” are more reluctant to talk to their kids about money, and 40% of parents are uncomfortable having money conversations with their children. In the ancient book on wisdom, the book of Proverbs, we see that the wisdom […]

Thank you, Instagram, for Hiding Likes

This weekend I noticed that my Instagram posts were not keeping a running tally of likes. I was so glad to see this feature being tested. Thank you, Instagram. I cut my social media teeth on Twitter because, as some have said, “Twitter is about words and Instagram is about pictures.” And as the leader […]

3 Ways to Recover Enthusiasm for Your Current Role

Do you remember when you first took the role you are in? You walked in the first day excited to make a big impact, eager to learn, and ready to embrace challenges. You were filled with enthusiasm that trumped the struggles and the inherent discouragement that comes with being a leader. The inner enthusiasm breathes […]