Bringing Great Leaders to Your Team

Every organization wants to have a high level team, a group made up of people who are the best at their respective jobs and passionate about the same ideals. But wanting that kind of team is one thing, and hiring it is entirely more challenging. Brad Lomenick, president of Catalyst and author of The Catalyst Leader, shares 10 […]

7 traits of leaders who hire well

For a leader, there is not a greater responsibility or a more important task than choosing the people who will serve alongside you in fulfilling the mission of the organization or ministry. Great coaches are known for their masterful and careful recruiting, ensuring the potential player fits both the team’s strategy of play and the […]

The Danger of “Hiring the Best”

The longer I lead, the more I realize how essential the right leaders are to the success of a team, ministry, or organization. While the right leaders will overcome insufficient systems and processes, great processes and systems can never overcome ineffective leaders. The right leaders are not necessarily the “best” leaders. The “best” leaders when […]