Your Job Has Changed and How to Hire Yourself for It

Unless your industry has somehow remained stable and unphased through the pandemic, your job has likely changed. This is not because you did anything wrong. This is not because your boss randomly decided to reposition your job or dramatically alter your job description. This is not because your organization broke a promise to you. This […]

Because Your Job Is Changing, You Should Do These Five Things…

I shared last week that your job is likely changing. If your context, industry, or organization is changing, your job is changing. It is difficult to plan for the future because we don’t know it, but we can prepare for it. As jobs are continually changing. what should we do to ensure we are prepared […]

The Only Place and Time Your Job Won’t Be Changing

In January Elon Musk sent an email to employees letting them know of the challenging days ahead for Tesla. In the midst of a year in which they “made their first meaningful profit in the fifteen years since they created Tesla,” they would be (a) laying off 7% of their workforce and (b) increasing production because […]

6 Questions to Ask Before You Change Jobs

Leaders, especially ministry leaders, have commonly asked me questions about how to process new jobs/opportunities that come their way. What questions should I ask myself? How do I wrestle with changing jobs? Here are six questions, in no particular order, to ask: 1. Am I running from something or to something? Leading is extremely challenging […]

Getting Hired: 3 Lessons from My Wife

My wife, Kaye, is an awesome teacher. And I am not just saying that because she is my wife (objective evidence: she was “teacher of the year” when we lived in Cincinnati). She is super-encouraging, creative, and passionate about helping children learn and become who they were created to be. When we started having our […]

3 Well-Meaning (but Unhelpful) Approaches During Grief

As you likely know, Kaye’s father recently passed away. During this time the love, support, prayers, meals, notes of encouragement, and messages have been overwhelming. We have great neighbors and great friends. I cannot imagine grieving without the body of Christ surrounding us, encouraging us and loving us. Watching Kaye grieve has been saddening and […]