The Deadly Sin I Was Least Aware Of

I recently finished a teaching series on the seven deadly sins, and I saved the best for last. Or so I thought. Compared to the other sins, I thought a message on sloth would be the most fun to prepare because surely the Lord would not need to deal with me on the topic. Sermon […]

4 Possible Reasons Team Members “Over-Quote the Leader”

Over-quoting the leader is a common practice in organizational life. Here are some examples you have surely seen: You are at a meeting at your kid’s school. A teacher stands up and says, “The district says we need to talk about this.” Or “our principal is asking us to talk about …” Immediately you get […]

5 Warning Signs That Laziness Is Creeping into Your Leadership

The people of God have always understood laziness to be a sin because laziness fails to appreciate the gift and blessing of work and fails to make the most of the time we have been graciously given. We are commanded to be wise and to make the most of the time (Ephesians 5:15-16). Squandering time […]

3 Ways We Hate Sin in Others More Than in Ourselves

After David committed adultery and murder and the Lord regarded all of it as evil, the Lord sent a prophet named Nathan to confront David in his sin (2 Samuel 12). Like any good preacher, Nathan set up David with a killer illustration: “David, there were two men in a certain city. One was filthy […]

4 Ways to Recognize Lazy Leadership

Lazy leadership is unfaithful stewardship. Instead of wise stewardship, lazy leaders foolishly squander resources, gifting, and opportunities rather than make the most of the brief season in which they are privileged to lead. When attempting to uncover and address laziness, people often look in the wrong places. Lazy leadership is not about office hours, email […]

4 Ways to Fight Laziness in Ministry


If it is true, as some pastors have warned, that “ministry can be a great place to hide out and a great place to burn out,” then ministry attracts both the workaholic and the lazy. Because all of us are prone to idolatry, we are likely more prone to one expression of sin than the […]

Ministry: A Haven for the Lazy and the Workaholic

One of my pastors once told me, “Sadly, ministry can be a great place to hide out and a great place to burn out.” He made the statement based on years of observing other ministry leaders. He is right. Ministry can be a haven for the lazy and the workaholic. We sin differently, but all […]