3 Leadership Reminders From an Elon Musk Tale

In the introduction of Edge, a book from Harvard Business School professor Laura Huang, Laura recounts a tale about Elon Musk – one a colleague shared with her. The story goes that a person was able to land a face-to-face meeting with Musk, the famed entrepreneur and leader of Tesla and SpaceX. The person walked […]

Five Dangers of Only Looking at the Past

There are many leaders who are stuck in the past. While there are dangers in leading with only a view of the present or with only a view of the future, leading with your mind only rooted in the past is destructive. Here are five dangers with only looking at the past as you lead: […]

A New Role? Consider the Push and the Pull

When leaders ask me about pursuing or considering a new ministry role, I ask them about the “push” and the “pull.” The “push” is those things that cause you to want to leave the role you are currently in. The “pull” is what excites you about the new opportunity. Lessons I have learned about the […]