Why Leaders Should Run Towards Pressure, Not From Pressure

The first episode of the new Netflix documentary series, The Playbook, features basketball coach Doc Rivers. Coach Rivers led the Boston Celtics to a championship in 2008. Coaching one of the most storied franchise brought an immense amount of pressure to Rivers and the whole team. Instead of minimizing the pressure, Rivers put a spotlight […]

Pressure Exposes and Develops Character and Competence

When a ministry or organization experiences growth there is simultaneously an exposing and developing of character and competence. The pressure of caring well for more people, the stress of new problems, and the weight of new decisions both exposes and develops. In the same way, when a ministry or organization experiences a challenging season there […]

2 Wrong Postures Ministry Leaders Take Toward Pressure

In his book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Ben Horowitz writes that CEOs typically make one of two mistakes when dealing with the amount of pressure and stress a CEO has to carry: (1) They take things too personally. (2) They don’t take things personally enough. Of course, a ministry leader is not a […]