5 Reasons Why You Should Get Away with Your Spouse Every Year

This November Kaye and I will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. We took our honeymoon to a family friend’s condo in Missouri (we were college students with very little money). The next year we went to Cancun, which was our wedding gift from my parents. After those two trips, we decided we would not stop […]

How Kaye and I Work to Enjoy Our Marriage

Marriage should not be merely endured; it should be enjoyed. Marriage between a husband and wife is a reflection of the greater marriage between God and His people.” I am grateful God delights in us, sings over us, and rejoices in the relationship we have with Him (Zephaniah 3:17). He does not merely tolerate us. […]

The Shanghai Marriage Market, Match.Com, And Our Incompatibility with God

I have never been to the Shanghai marriage market, but every Saturday and Sunday the market runs for five hours, rain or shine. Parents and grandparents who want their kids or grandkids to get married post portfolios and peruse others, hoping for a match. Descriptions of each person are posted on walls or umbrellas. If […]

The Best “Going Off to College” Counsel I Have Heard

The summer before going off to college was, for me, filled with great hope and expectation. A fresh start, an opportunity to prove I could handle the responsibility, the chance to choose courses I wanted to study, make new friends, and look to have an impact on the world around me. All of that was […]

Four Types of Tone-Deaf Leadership

When it comes to singing, I am likely tone-deaf (I say likely because I don’t fully understand the official definition, so just hang with me for the illustration). Now I can sing the right words; I just sing them the wrong way. While the Lord assures me He enjoys joyful noise, my apparent tone-deafness has […]

Are Christians Worse Than Others at Relationships?

In the later part of 2014, LifeWay Research conducted a poll of an ethnically and religiously diverse sampling of Americans. The research gauged each participant’s perspective on his or her relationships through a series of questions. The responses from Evangelical Christians polled during the survey were surprising. Evangelicals were 14-21% more likely to strongly agree […]

4 Questions to Plan Your Development

Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52). If we look to His development as an example, we will desire mental, physical, spiritual, and relational health. We don’t seek to grow in order to earn His love, grace, or favor. His perfection is already ours, already freely given […]