About “Your Truth” and “My Truth”

Words matter. We deploy them to communicate, to capture what we are thinking, feeling, and sensing. Words can build people up or tear people down. Words can divide or they can unite. Leaders know that the leadership axiom “words create worlds” is true, that the words we use in our ministries and organizations create the […]

The Importance of Integrity in the Small Things

Rosie Ruiz won the 1980 Boston Marathon in the women’s category. And she held that title for eight days until it was determined that she had not run the entire 26.2 miles. In fact, it is likely that she ran only a half-mile after jumping onto the course. None of the other runners remembered seeing […]

The Truth of God

The truth of God is undefiled and unchangeable, and God has chosen to use His truth to bring transformation to His people. By His truth we were saved and by His truth we are made holy and walk in freedom. Quite simply, transformation does not occur apart from the truth of God. In relation to […]

Crush These Clichés

There are several unbiblical and untrue clichés that are seemingly passed from one generation of Christians to another. And these clichés need to be crushed. Believers must continually repent of the thinking represented in these clichés, and Christian leaders must not allow these clichés to be passed off as Christian truth. Here are my top […]