Transformational Groups

Transformational Groups provides a map to transformational success for your church’s groups ministry. Using data from the largest survey of pastors and laypersons ever done on the condition of groups in the church, Ed Stetzer and Eric Geiger define a simple process to lead your groups from where they are to where God wants them to be.


Creature of the Word

The Reformers viewed the gospel as not merely one thing among many in the life of a church but rather the means by which the church exists. When the gospel is rightly declared and applied to God’s people, the church becomes “a creature of the Word.” She understands, embraces, and lives out the reality of Christ’s birth, life, death, and resurrection in more than her doctrinal statement. The gospel impacts all the church is and does. Creature of the Word lays out this concept in full, first examining the rich, scripture-based beauty of a Jesus-centered church, then clearly providing practical steps toward forming a Jesus-centered church.


Simple Church

Simple Church was named the 2007 Christianity Today Book Award winner in the Church/Pastoral Leadership category and was recognized by Outreach Magazine as the Best Outreach Leadership Training Resource of 2007. Simple Church is built upon an extensive research project that has challenged thousands of church leaders to embrace a simple church design. Ultimately, the book challenges and teaches leaders to design a strategic process that moves people through stages of spiritual growth.



Transformational Discipleship

“Make disciples of all nations.” Those were the simple marching orders of Jesus to His first followers, and the call to discipleship rests on the church today. But how do people really grow in Christ? Built upon extensive research with church and thought leaders around the world, Transformational Discipleship describes the biblical process by which Christians are transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Through the simple convergence of truth, leaders, and posture, this book describes how we might align our lives and churches with the work of the Holy Spirit in order to bring about true transformation.

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Identity: Who You Are In Christ

In Identity, you will discover or rediscover who you really are in Christ. The Scripture is filled with phenomenal imagery describing the true you. And when you understand who you really are, your life will be transformed and you will live the reality of your true identity. Identity will help readers understand what it means to live as His child, a priest, His bride, a servant, His friend, an alien, and ambassador.  By being both challenged and encouraged, you will discover your deepest self and greatest purpose through Identity.


Simple Student Ministry

Simple Student Ministry fine tunes the proven methods of #1 best seller Simple Church for the unique field of youth discipleship by neatly unpacking the key ideas of Clarity, Movement, Alignment, and Focus that will transform any over-stimulated youth program into a simpler, more results-oriented spiritual development process. Fun is still allowed, by all means, but the ultimate emphasis on maturing faith is simply essential.