On The Table

Eric Geiger, Ed Stetzer and Steve Bang Lee

Scripture does not avoid our questions and God is not frustrated by them. He welcomes us with our questions and meets us with truth and love. This 8-session series puts some of today’s big questions on the table and equips people to engage difficult conversations in both grace and truth.

Theology and the Mission of God

Eric Geiger & Ed Stetzer

Theology and the Mission of God, co-authored with Ed Stetzer, is an 8-week, group-discipleship resource. This study is designed to lead people out of their comfort zones and into deeper spiritual maturity through the study and application of core theological truths of the global Church. Through a deeper understanding of the Christian faith, the triune God, and the mission of the global Church, participants will learn and experience biblical doctrines in a way that is accessible to everyone. 

The Story of God

Eric Geiger

The Story of God is an 8-week, group-discipleship resource exploring the overarching redemptive narrative of the Bible. Participants will discover the story of Jesus on every page of Scripture and how to live as part of that story. This chronological journey from Genesis to Revelation will remove the intimidation factor of reading the Bible and replace it with a passionate understanding of day-to-day life as a follower of Jesus. Available for adults and students.