• 3 Warning Signs a Leader Is Growing Numb

    Because leadership is challenging and never-ending, many leaders are prone to exhaustion and burnout. There is always more to do, always more to accomplish, and always people disappointed. To fight the pains of leadership, wise leaders take time to continually care for their own health and their own souls. And when … Read More

    3 Warning Signs a Leader Is Growing Numb

The Church is designed by God to create leaders for all spheres of life.

Leaders, Don’t Get Numb

When did you go from being burned out to being numb? How long did it take to digress from burned out to numb? Did he just get numb and stop caring? Those are questions I … Read More

Links for Leaders 2/17/17

"Effective leaders use that influence to rally people around a common mission, vision, and strategy. They take people on a journey." Carey Nieuwhof shares five things that make you … Read More

4 Ways to Handle Your “Boring Job”

Since being in ministry for the last twenty years, I have heard comments from people with “regular jobs” comparing the significance of what I “get to do” with what they “have to … Read More