• A Helpful Framework for Teaching in Ministry

    When you think about presenting or teaching or delivering a message, is there a helpful framework that guides how you structure the message? Preparing content is critical, but so is preparing how you will deliver the content. When I was serving as a student pastor and driving to seminary on my day off (long before … Read More

    A Helpful Framework for Teaching in Ministry

The Church is designed by God to create leaders for all spheres of life.

Aristotle, Ministry, and a Microphone

Because speaking is both powerful and fearful, a plethora of “speaking resources” have flooded the market to help some maximize their speaking and to help others overcome their … Read More

Links for Leaders 1/20/17

Leadership has its challenges, and they are diverse. One of the more difficult experiences as a leader is watching good, hard-working people decide they would rather work somewhere … Read More