Two Sign Guys

When I am waiting at a red light where an “advertising sign guy/gal” is stationed, I tend to take notice of the person’s intensity and enthusiasm.
At times I see a person really engaged in his role. He is flipping the sign, dancing, waving, and drawing attention to the location of the store that hired him. Other times I see the person just going through the motions. He is holding the sign in a slouched over position or even texting behind the sign, as if no one can see.
When the red light is a long one, I have engaged in these types of randomly connected thoughts…
Just as there are essentially two types of “sign guys,” there are two types of pastors, teachers, doctors, painters, etc. There are those who offer their best to their craft, their role, their ministry, or their profession. And then there are those who don’t, those who just exist, who just milk the clock and wait for the weekend. In your role, what kind of “sign guy” are you?
I always hope that the most intense sign guys are believers, those who understand they are to do everything with enthusiasm because they are ultimately serving the Lord (Col. 3:23). All work can be sacred if done for the Lord. As Martin Luther said, “God Himself is milking the cows through the profession of the milkmaids.” So as you work, realize you are ultimately serving a greater Master.
I have also thought about pulling over and asking the most intense sign guys if they would consider applying for a job in the division I lead at LifeWay. I love being around enthusiastic people. They elevate everyone else. They bring excellence, passion, and a fire in their eyes. And if someone brings intensity to flipping a sign, he is likely to bring intensity to other roles. In the same way, if someone is an unfaithful steward of a current opportunity, unless the Lord changes his heart, he will bring the same passive and apathetic heart to his next role.
By this point, the light turns green. Sometimes I drive off inspired by a really passionate “sign guy,” inspired to bring passion to all the Lord calls me to do.