The Myth of Insider Language


The biggest myth of insider language is that there is really no such thing as insider language. “Insider language” will inevitably become outside language that everyone hears—meaning, it does not stay insider language. If it did, the term never would have been coined because no one on the outside would have heard the language that was supposed to stay on the inside. No one on the inside would have needed to apologize for speaking in code or with too much jargon.

This is important for a leader and a leadership team to understand because language used around the leadership team’s table becomes language that is used in other areas of the organization and eventually outside the organization.

So whenever a new word starts to take root, starts to be used frequently among the leadership team, stop and be sure it is language you want to live with. Be sure the word or the phrase accurately reflects the heart of your team, the focus of your direction, and the values you hold closely.

Wise leaders work hard to ensure language, even language frequently used around the leadership table, matches and portrays the beliefs and values that are dear to the organization. Thus, wise leaders are proud of their “insider language,” and they embrace the reality that it will eventually permeate the entire organization.

C i r c e / flickr