My New Role

For the last three years I have been honored to lead the Church Resources Division (CRD) at LifeWay. As we serve churches in their mission of making disciples, CRD stewards the resources, services, events, and training we create and provide for ministries and churches. Over 500 incredible employees, who love the Bride of Christ, faithfully serve in CRD—working alongside others in specialized ministry areas such as kids, students, women’s ministry, worship, discipleship/groups, leadership, and consulting, and other departments that enable us to serve ministries and churches.

At the same time, I have been honored to serve alongside Selma Wilson, who has led the B&H Division at LifeWay, historically our trade book publisher. B&H has experienced growth in the market consistently the last several years, both in the US and globally. An incredible team of employees has made B&H what it is today.

About six months ago, Dr. Rainer—our CEO at LifeWay—asked Selma and me to pray and plan for the future of our two divisions. Alongside other wise and godly leaders, we concluded it was time to bring our two divisions together, not out of necessity (as both divisions have been growing the last several years) but out of opportunity. We started using the word “fusion” because we believe the two divisions coming together to form something new will have a greater impact.

And last week we announced the new LifeWay Resources Division—which is essentially the combination of CRD and B&H into one division. Dr. Rainer has asked me to lead the division. I will continue as one of the Vice Presidents, now tasked with leading the LifeWay Resources Division. Selma also will continue as one of the Vice Presidents and will be leading organizational development, including all of human resources.

Bringing the two divisions together, we believe, will be best for the authors we partner with to serve the Church. We will be able to map out strategies more intentionally and easily for leveraging books, studies, events, and the other resources we provide. We also feel the Church will be better served as we bring these two teams together. We will still steward all the brands and imprints (such as B&H) we currently steward and offer them in the same channels but will do so in closer collaboration as the leadership teams are combined.

Please pray for me as I am entering a new season. Three years ago, when I left the local church to lead CRD, my learning curve was really steep. It feels that way again. Only this time I already know and trust the team I work with every day. I am prayerful and hopeful we will be able to serve the Church better and better in the days ahead.