20 Reasons I’m Thankful for Kaye on Our 20th Anniversary

Kaye and I were married very young, as a junior and sophomore in college. When people have asked me why I married Kaye when we were soooooo young, I have jokingly responded with one of two answers: (1) “It is better to marry than burn with passion” or (2) “She fell for me and I had to seize the moment and get her covenanted into the marriage as quickly as possible.” And while there are elements of truth to both of those responses, the reality is that I was convinced I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kaye. Friends of mine know that once I make a decision, I tend to move decisively and quickly, and pursuing and marrying Kaye was no different. I am so glad I did.

By God’s grace I am more committed to Kaye now than I was 20 years ago. I would marry her all over again without any hesitation. In celebration of 20 years, here are 20 reasons I am thankful for my Kaye:

1. She knows me better than any human, yet she loves me.

2. She has made me more compassionate, as she is the most compassionate person I know.

3. She has made me a better teacher, as her love for kids and teaching is contagious.

4. She confronts me when I need it.

5. She gives me space when I need it.

6. She supports every dream and goal I have.

7. She loves the people I am called to love.

8. She affirms and encourages me more than anyone.

9. She does not guilt trip me when I am not the leader I should be.

10. She is patient with my sanctification.

11. She loves visiting cities and reading on beaches with me.

12. She will eat a big steak with me.

13. She mothers our girls with both grace and truth.

14. She makes every rough day more bearable

15. She makes every great day more enjoyable.

16. She helps protect my schedule and encourages healthy rhythms of exercise and rest.

17. She is quick to forgive me.

18. She wants me to love Jesus more than she wants anything else for me.

19. She fills our house with joy with her laughter and smiles.

20. She is willing to move with me anywhere the Lord leads (to Cincinnati to Miami to Nashville).

Twenty years of marriage to Kaye has been simultaneously joyful and sanctifying. I am ready for 20 more!