5 Mistakes Church Leaders Make in Their Preschool Ministry

A church’s ministry to preschool children is extremely important in building a strong foundation of faith for the children and in reaching and ministering to young families. Preschool ministry is a mission-critical ministry of the church in that it invests in families at a critical juncture in the lives of both parents and children. Because it is so important, it must be close to the heart of those who lead the church. Here are five common mistakes church leaders make with their preschool ministry, mistakes that can give the perception, sometimes accurate, that the leaders do not value the preschool ministry.

1. Calling it childcare.

I am not minimizing childcare. When Kaye and I go on dates, we hand our children to someone we trust who provides excellent care to our kids. It is important. But a preschool ministry is so much more. Children are taught Bible stories, sing songs, and pray together. This is much more than childcare, and calling preschool ministry childcare minimizes the eternal significance of the investment.

2. Ignoring the facility and bathrooms.

Whether in a portable church or a permanent facility, families care if where their children gather and use the bathroom is safe, secure, and clean.

3. Never thanking those who serve.

Those who serve in preschool ministry make a mammoth impact on the young families in your church and guests who visit. They should be thanked and valued.

4. Never walking around.

Ministry leaders—if you never walk around the kids ministry area, it is hard to speak with any authority as to what is happening there.

5. Not paying any attention to the length of the service.

I am not advocating for a certain length of your worship services. What I am encouraging, for the sake of the kids ministry, is that they are consistent. If they are inconsistent in length, leaders have a hard time planning and are constantly adjusting. Think about more than just the adult worship service. The adult worship service is not the only place on your church campus where the Lord is working.

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