2 Ways Boredom Destroys Ministry Leaders

Before King David committed adultery with Bathsheba and attempted to cover his sin by murdering her husband, boredom settled into his heart. He was bored the night he was on the roof, bored and looking for something else other than God. Earlier in his life, while on the run from Saul, David woke up at dawn with singing (Psalm 57) to the God He sought. David had longed to stare at the beauty of God, but not on the fateful night he stared at Bathsheba. He was looking for something else, something other than the Lord, when his eyes and heart were captured by the beautiful woman bathing.

If we are bored we are looking for something other than God because God never bores. And anytime we look for something other than Him, we are looking for something less. Where does boredom manifest itself in ministry leaders? Where must we pay attention and guard against boredom seeping into our hearts?

The apostle Paul challenged the young pastor Timothy to “pay close attention to your life and your teaching; persevere in these things, for in doing this you will save both yourself and your hearers” (1 Timothy 4:16). We must watch both our lives and our teaching. Boredom in either can lead us away from the Lord.

1. Boredom in our life

If we find ourselves bored with our lives, we have stopped staring at the One who is infinitely awesome. If we find ourselves looking for a new mission to conquer, it is because the mission He has given us no longer captures our hearts. There is a massive difference between longing for a new mission and seeking new approaches or opportunities to fulfill the mission the Lord has given. All believers have been given the mission to make disciples, to be His ambassador, to declare Him as praiseworthy. How we fulfill the mission the Lord has given may change, but if the Lord’s mission bores us we are headed towards ruin.

2. Boredom in our doctrine

Boredom in doctrine expresses itself in longing for something new and unique to say. But we don’t have anything new and unique to say. We have a faith that “was delivered to the saints once for all.” Longing to say something no one has ever said will pull you away from the truth we are to stand on. Seeking new ways to communicate the same message is vastly different from wanting to say something no one has ever said before.

Don’t let boredom ruin you. Look to Him and you won’t get bored. Seek new ways to fulfill the mission the Lord has given, but don’t seek a new mission. Seek ways to communicate the message in new ways, but don’t seek a new message.