Destroy Boredom or Boredom Will Destroy You

Those who work with teenagers in ministry or educational settings know that boredom often leads to absolute foolishness. Parents, school counselors, and teachers are aware that “adolescent boredom” can lead to a myriad of problems, which is why many are concerned when children or students “are not challenged enough.” For example, one study of teenagers living in South Africa concluded that boredom is the biggest predictor of alcohol and drug abuse.

It is not only teenagers. Bored leaders, bored pastors, bored businessmen and businesswomen can have their hearts pulled in a plethora of harmful directions because they are bored and looking for something to quench their boredom.

So how do you destroy your boredom?

1. Look to Him.

Boredom is clearly not about not having anything to do. We have never had more to do. We can travel the world, watch anything we desire on our smartphones, read more books than any people who have ever lived, and eat a plethora of dishes that did not exist years ago. Yet people are still bored because none of these things can quench our desire for real life and real meaning.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, “Sin is always, in some sense, a life of boredom.” When we are bored, we are pursuing something other than the Lord because He is never boring.

In his book Gospel Deeps, Jared Wilson insightfully wrote, “Boredom is a sin so long as Christ is infinitely beautiful… When we are bored, it can be only because we have stopped looking at Jesus. He can’t be boring.”

2. Look to His mission.

Many look for a new mission or a new hobby because the job or the start-up has lost the joy it initially offered. All missions will lose their luster because all missions are temporary, except for His. Christ has invited us to join His mission of reconciling people to Himself. It is the one mission that will last for all eternity, and it is the one mission that will give significance to our careers, our hobbies, and our lives.

Look to Him and join Him on His mission.