If You Are Not Faithful With Little…

Jesus taught “Whoever is faithful in very little is also faithful in much, and whoever is unrighteous in very little is also unrighteous in much” (Luke 16:10). The context of the passage is being generous with our Master’s money, but the principle can be applied to other areas of our lives as well. Here is how this truth is commonly lived out:

1. If you are not generous with a little, you likely won’t be generous with a lot.

For years I have heard people say that they will be more generous when they make more money, but this is rarely the case. Those who are disciplined in their generosity when they have very little are more generous when they have more. Those who are stingy with little will be stingy with more.

2. If you don’t bring your best to your current responsibilities, you likely won’t bring your best to more responsibilities.

People have often articulated that they will work harder or become more passionate when they land a future job or future role because “this is just not one I am overly excited about.” But the reality is that those who are lackadaisical in their current roles will likely be so in future ones. And those who bring their best to their current responsibilities will likely bring passion and intensity to future ones.

3. If you don’t develop your current team, you likely won’t develop a larger team.

Some have said, “I know I am not developing those I am responsible for now, but in my next role I will do so.” This is likely not true. A leader’s lack of conviction for developing others now will likely continue in their next role.

4. If you don’t handle current levels of pressure with grace, you likely won’t handle more with grace.

Life and leadership are filled with pressures and struggles. Those who are unable to handle their current responsibilities with grace and composure are foolish to think they will be able to handle more pressure in any other way than confusion and chaos.

5. If you don’t prioritize your personal health now, in your current role, you likely won’t prioritize your personal health later.

Over the years many leaders have assured friends and family that they would “get healthier in the next season of life.” With sincerity they assured people they would eat healthier, exercise more frequently, and make better choices with food and sleep. But the reality is that the next season of life is usually more chaotic than the current one. The next job typically throws people out of rhythm more than their current schedule.

Those who are not faithful in the important aspects of leadership now likely won’t be later. I used the word “likely” throughout because the Lord can and does change us. If you are not being faithful in these areas now, you can change. You can repent and start again now. But start again now. Don’t wait for your next season in life.