4 Upside-Down Actions as You Gather at Church this Easter Weekend

In our Resurrected King’s Kingdom, the values are often opposite of this world. We have been included in what many refer to as an upside-down Kingdom where the weak are strong, the first are last, and the servants are the greatest among us. As we celebrate our King’s defeat of death this Easter weekend at church, here are four upside-down actions you can take that will help your church serve people well. These are more practical than profound. They are all really simple, but they are also more helpful than you may realize.

1. Park further.

People often like to park closer for church gatherings. Do the opposite this Easter. Park as far away from your gathering as possible so first-time guests can easily find a spot.

2. Sit closer.

This action combines perfectly with the previous one. Get even more steps in and walk as close to the front as you can. Instead of parking close and sitting far from the stage, park far and sit close this Easter. By sitting close, you make it easier for those who arrive after you to find a seat, and you have the opportunity to set the pace in singing, listening, and celebrating that Jesus is alive.

3. Sing louder.

It may feel normal to sing softer when you’re surrounded by more people than normal and by people who are not usually in the section where you’re seated. Do the not-normal thing. Sing louder because your singing (especially if you’re a bad singer) will encourage others. If you’re a bad singer and you’re singing loudly with the congregation this weekend, people will think, “Wow, these people must really believe this, because even that guy is singing.” Do that.

4. Choose the least popular worship service time to attend.

If your church has multiple worship services this Easter, choose the service time that is the least popular. Hint: This is not any time that begins with a 10. Of course, if you have friends coming with you who don’t normally come to church, then come to the service that works best for them.

Most of all, enjoy church this weekend. You are part of a Kingdom that will not be shaken, one that will last forever because your King has overcome sin and death. We can be thankful with glad and sincere hearts because He is alive.