The Blessing of Constraints

In the spring of 2019, I shared with the shepherding elders of our church that we were going to be launching one new congregation a year for the next five years. Our directional elders were already on board, we had resources set aside for the first launch, and we were in the process of building […]

Immaturity and Inconsistency Are Not Hypocrisy

We are frustrated with the hypocrisy of the politician who sets policies but does not live by them or the business leader who pushes for environmental restrictions while flying a private jet. But it is religious hypocrisy that is most damaging, because while God cares about politics and business, He ultimately created people for Himself […]

Successful Succession Requires More Than Great Leaders

“Why don’t you think the leadership transition worked at ___________ ?” It is a common question I am asked by ministry and marketplace leaders, and there have been dozens of churches and organizations in the blank. Typically, the person asking is sincerely perplexed why the transition of leadership or the planned succession has not worked […]

5 Expensive Personal Leadership Decisions That Are Worth More than the Cost

Many have said that you can tell what is most important to you by looking at your calendar and your checkbook. While most of us don’t write physical checks that often anymore, the principle is still true. We finance what is most important to us. We find a way to allocate resources towards what we […]

Four Common Ministry Errors That Leaders Make

You have likely observed two common and opposite errors in relation to physical fitness and health—neglect or obsession. Neglect often looks like minimal exercise, eating to relieve stress, and ignoring the neglect you know is occurring. Obsession often looks like being unable to enjoy a meal because you are so consumed with counting the macros, […]

The Epidemic of 2012 Before the Pandemic of 2020

There has been a lot of talk about the pandemic’s impact on mental health deterioration. Stay at home orders and social distancing reduced both time with others and physical exercise, which adversely impacted mental health. The decline in mental health as a result of the response to the pandemic has been well-documented and discussed. But […]

Love Your God More, Not Your Country Less

When you love something or someone, you are tempted to love that thing or person more than God. Because we are prone to idolatry, we can easily take good things—blessings in our lives—and give those blessings our worship. I can do this with Kaye, my daughters, my role, and so many things. C.S. Lewis wrote […]

Election Year and the Kingdom You Belong to That Will Not Be Shaken

Ah, another presidential election year in the United States of America. And of course, another election that is “the most important election in our lifetime,” as each one has been called since I can remember. Among Christians, we will hear all kinds of comparisons from within the biblical narrative. Some will liken our choices to […]

Leaders and Managing the Gift of Momentum

If you are a leader, you know there are seasons with momentum and seasons without. As a Christian leader, you must preach to yourself that God is good in both seasons, faithfulness to Him is the priority in every season, and often the most fruitful work is done when there is no momentum—that seasons of […]

On the Table: A New Bible Study Answering Common Cultural Questions

Last year I led our church through On the Table, a teaching series that answered major questions Christians often receive. Some of the questions felt more theological such as “How can we trust the Bible?” and “Is Jesus the only way?” Some of the questions felt more cultural such as “What does God think about […]