Successful Succession Requires More Than Great Leaders

“Why don’t you think the leadership transition worked at ___________ ?” It is a common question I am asked by ministry and marketplace leaders, and there have been dozens of churches and organizations in the blank. Typically, the person asking is sincerely perplexed why the transition of leadership or the planned succession has not worked […]

5 Expensive Personal Leadership Decisions That Are Worth More than the Cost

Many have said that you can tell what is most important to you by looking at your calendar and your checkbook. While most of us don’t write physical checks that often anymore, the principle is still true. We finance what is most important to us. We find a way to allocate resources towards what we […]

Leaders and Managing the Gift of Momentum

If you are a leader, you know there are seasons with momentum and seasons without. As a Christian leader, you must preach to yourself that God is good in both seasons, faithfulness to Him is the priority in every season, and often the most fruitful work is done when there is no momentum—that seasons of […]

Adjusting Your Approach to Serve Those You Lead

While Michael Watkins created a framework that helps leaders evaluate the needs of the organization they will be leading, Ken Blanchard developed a framework, famously known as Situational Leadership, that helps leaders evaluate the development needs of each person the leader is leading. What I Appreciate About This Framework I love that the framework emphasizes […]

Matching Your Leadership Approach to the Organization’s Needs

In his book, The First 90 Days, Michael Watkins offers this framework as a tool to help leaders think through the phases of the organization or team the leader is entering. What I Appreciate About This Framework I love that the framework emphasizes the leader should (1) understand the context and (2) adjust leadership to […]

10 Axioms About Leadership and Feedback

A leader’s relationship with feedback will greatly impact the leader’s effectiveness and the growth of the team. While it is natural to resist receiving feedback, and some struggle to offer feedback, both receiving and giving feedback are critical in leadership. Here are ten axioms or truths about feedback and leadership: 1. Your growth is hampered […]

5 Steps to Plan Annual Training for Your Team

Teachers have a plan for what and how they will be teaching their students this year. Coaches have a plan for the play packages they will immerse their teams in. Leaders should have a plan for how they will use meetings with their teams to develop them. Meetings are not the only or the best […]

4 Reasons I Am Praying for Roe v. Wade to Be Overturned

As I was driving home from the office a few days ago, I decided to flip through talk radio channels and hear what people were saying about the Supreme Court’s proceedings as the Court was considering upholding Mississippi’s ban on abortion fifteen weeks into a pregnancy. I stopped at a red-light and was behind a […]

The Great Resignation and 3 Reminders for Leaders

If you search the phrase “Great Resignation” online, you will see a myriad of articles about the reality that people are leaving their jobs at a staggering rate. The stats are unprecedented: 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September, 73% of Americans are considering quitting their job right now, 50% of Americans want to […]