Our Dog Roscoe, John Stott, and the Hound of Heaven

John Stott had a massive impact on the church I am honored to pastor. He was Kenton’s, our pastor emeritus, mentor—even staying at his house several times when he visited. Our doctrinal positions have been very much influenced by Stott. In his classic work Why I Am a Christian, Stott wrote: Why I am a […]

How Much Money Is Enough? (and Other Wisdom From Proverbs)

Recent research by T. Rowe Price reveals that parents who are “trying to keep up with the Joneses” are more reluctant to talk to their kids about money, and 40% of parents are uncomfortable having money conversations with their children. In the ancient book on wisdom, the book of Proverbs, we see that the wisdom […]

3 Ways We Parents Wrongly Teach Kids to Earn God’s Approval

As parents we hate to see our kids live with the burden of trying to gain approval. Or worrying if they are going to be accepted by their looks, their dress, their performance. Or struggling with the pain of wondering if others will love and accept them. As Christian parents we know we have a […]

Why Some Fall and Some Rise With Christmas

Shortly after His birth, Jesus’ parents brought Him to the temple to be circumcised.  There was a priest, Simeon, at the temple who has been waiting for years to see the Messiah who would come into the world to rescue us. God told him he was going to see the Messiah before he died. Simeon […]

Jesus (not 2021) Is the Dawn From on High

Post-Christmas blues are a reality every year, but I imagine that they could be especially high this year. So many people are talking about the excitement of 2020 ending, and longing for the newness of a fresh start on the calendar. While I understand the longing and the hoping and the hunger for a new […]

Jesus Arrived to Defeat Your (Real) Enemies

Many have said that nothing unites like a common enemy. In business, startups will unite as insurgents to take down the incumbent. In politics, leaders bring people together against the other side. Defeating a common enemy can be a powerful unifier and motivator. In a divisive year there seems to be a greater desire to […]

10 Proverbs for Consuming and Contributing on Social Media

When I moved to my role as vice-president of LifeWay, my boss Thom Rainer encouraged me to use a blog and social media to connect with church leaders. It was the fall of 2011. I signed up for Twitter a month later. Several years later I signed up for Instagram. Though I was not an […]

Where Is Your Thanksgiving Spirit? (13 Reasons to Recapture Gratitude)

In the Book of Galatians, we find the apostle Paul was astonished and unsure of what to do with the Christians who lived in Galatia. At one point, they were overwhelmed with God’s love expressed toward them, but they drifted from grace and were attempting to earn God’s approval by their good works. God’s people […]

God’s Will for You in 2020: Be Thankful

One of the most common questions Christians ask in our modern culture is “What is God’s will for me?” “What career? What city? What car?” “What is His will for me so I will be the happiest I can be?” When we scan the totality of human history, we realize that those types of questions […]

3 Warning Signs Politics Is Becoming Your Religion

In his classic work The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis writes from the perspective of a senior demon giving instructions to a less-experienced demon on how to get someone to reject their Christian faith. Screwtape, the senior demon, advises Wormwood, his nephew and the younger demon, on how to get “the patient” to turn from […]