What is the Return on Character? (An Interview With Author Dr. Fred Kiel)

People long for their leaders to be men and women of character, to be people of integrity. Researchers and leadership authors continually contend that the best leaders are those who love and care for those they lead. But does character impact results? Is there a return on character? People often measure ROI (return on investment), […]

What Makes A Great Leader? (An Interview With Author Dave Ulrich)

In my upcoming book with Kevin Peck on leadership development (Designed to Lead), we reference research and writing from Dave Ulrich. Dave is a professor of business at University of Michigan and partner and cofounder of The RBL Group. Dave has been ranked the #1 Management Educator & Guru by Business Week, selected by Fast […]

Groups Matter: An Interview with Ed Stetzer on Transformational Groups

The following is an interview with Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of LifeWay Research. Ed and I recently co-authored a book, Transformational Groups. Ed, you and I worked on this book together, so I know a little bit of your thoughts on groups and community, but why did you see a need for a book on […]