Who Has the “A?”—A Framework About Roles and Responsibilities

Our executive pastor introduced the “ARCI” framework to me and has operationalized it within our team—so much so that the question “Who has the A?” is a common one among leaders I serve alongside. What I Appreciate About the Framework It helps solve a major problem—the lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities when leaders […]

3 Downsides of Thinking You Are Better Than You Are

Most speakers think they are better speakers than they actually are. Most leaders think they are better leaders than reality says they are. And most professional football players, according to John Madden, think they are better than they actually are. John Madden played, coached, and commentated professional football, but he is perhaps most known for […]

4 Ways Leaders Can Express Gratitude to Those They Manage

Max Depree once said that the best people on your team are really volunteers, no matter if you pay them or not. They are volunteers because they can utilize their skills and talent elsewhere and they choose to utilize them on your team. Which means, of course, that you must lead with much more than […]

3 Reasons Leaders Must Seek Accountability

Leaders can be tempted to isolate themselves, to pull themselves away from the burden of leadership and from people who can be the source of pain, disappointment, and criticism. But the moments we are tempted to run from accountability are the moments we must run toward it. The moments we feel we do not need […]

5 Lessons from Fallen Pastors 

Pastors and ministry leaders are not above character implosion and wandering from the Lord. In time, their wandering manifests in a variety of self-destructive and disqualifying behaviors. In the last several years, I have thought a lot about “fallen pastors.” My role at LifeWay provides a painful view of the fallout. As pastors are removed […]

3 Reasons Your Church Must Care About Groups This Fall

While one person can make a significant impact on each of us, we tend to be much more influenced by groups of people. Here is a fascinating example: The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona has often faced a crisis as people can steal petrified wood at an alarming rate. Some researchers tested what message […]

Three Types of Accountability Every Leader Needs

Who a leader listens to shapes much of what a leader does. A leader who surrounds himself with wise counsel is a leader who is much more likely to lead well. A leader surrounded by fools is a leader who is doomed to fail. The story of Solomon’s son Rehoboam illustrates this reality well. The […]