3 Lessons for Church Leaders From Yahoo! & The Peanut Butter Manifesto

In 2016 Verizon Communications bought Yahoo! In case you are wondering, I did not mean for the exclamation point to communicate that I was overly excited about the acquisition or the demise of the former web giant. The exclamation point is part of their name…Yahoo! Most who have analyzed what went wrong with the company […]

Alignment and 3 Types of Staff Members

I recently wrote about the members of a church staff who make the biggest impact. Inevitably, among the staff members who make the biggest impact in their ministry areas and the church culture as a whole, there is deep alignment between the church’s mission and values and the staff member’s mission and values. Every healthy […]

Three Warning Signs Your Team Is Attuned But Not Aligned

Healthy teams are both aligned and attuned. Alignment refers to the commitment to the mission and identity of the organization. Attunement refers to the relational care and concern that the team exhibits for one another. Both are essential. Last week I wrote about warning signs your team is aligned but not attuned. Today I want […]

Is Your Team Aligned and Attuned?

Roger Harrison is a recognized leader and author in organizational and cultural development. He has articulated that healthy organizations display both alignment and attunement. Alignment: Alignment refers to the deep commitment to the mission and identity of the organization. If a team is aligned, they are moving in the same direction and rallying around the […]

Four Essentials to a Simple Ministry Strategy

As a football season is about to begin, imagine a head coach stands in front of the team he leads and, with great passion, declares, “Here is our strategy. We are going to win! We are about winning! Let’s go win!” The team breaks from the huddle with no idea how they will win. Practice […]

Alignment: It’s Not Just for Cars

Alignment is the arrangement of all ministries and staff around the same simple process. Alignment to the process means that all ministry departments submit and attach themselves to the same overarching process. Alignment ensures the entire church body is moving in the same direction, and in the same manner. When a church is fully aligned, […]