Doing God’s Will > Discovering God’s Will

We can get so caught up in discovering God’s will, but the emphasis in the Scripture is doing His will. Jesus declared that His food was “to do the will” of the One who sent Him (John 4:34). Waking up each day with the intent to “do” His will is far more liberating and satisfying […]

4 Voices About the Power of the Word in Our Lives and Churches

Earlier this week I was sharing some stories of transformation I am aware of taking place in our church. And those stories are connected to people who are new to the faith spending time in the Scripture. As we talked, we reflected on the reality that the Word does a work on us. The Word […]

A New Term: Omnichannel Church

Last week Dave Adamson wrote a compelling article on the future of the church based on the digital tools that church leaders now have at their disposal. He applied the term “omnichannel” to church practice, and his article was the first time I have seen someone do so. Dave does this type of work with […]

3 Cruel Christian Clichés for Graduates

It’s graduation season and your mailbox is likely filled with graduation invitations and pictures. Your church has likely asked graduates to stand and be recognized or marched them across the stage as proud family members took photos and celebrated/mourned the ending of an important season in their lives. It is an exciting time for graduates. […]

6 Important Reminders for Leaders from Proverbs

The Bible is not a self-help book given to us to help us become better people, better leaders, or better at whatever it is we attempt. If it is about leadership, it is about God’s rule and reign and His relentless pursuit of people. At the same time, the Bible is incredibly practical and offers […]

A Helpful Framework for Teaching in Ministry

When you think about presenting or teaching or delivering a message, is there a helpful framework that guides how you structure the message? Preparing content is critical, but so is preparing how you will deliver the content. When I was serving as a student pastor and driving to seminary on my day off (long before […]

4 Ways Confrontation Must Happen in Christian Community

For almost fifteen years, you have likely been exposed to “If you see something, say something” messaging. An ad agency developed the messaging shortly after the horrific terrorism and tragedies of September 11, 2001. While some federal agencies rejected the campaign, the NYC Transportation Authority adopted it to encourage residents and tourists to report any […]

Three Key Phrases Jesus Used for Leadership Development

Whether one is a Christian or not, one has to recognize that Jesus has changed the course of human history. His teaching and ministry began with a small group of unlearned, ordinary men and then turned into a movement that rapidly spread and is still spreading across the world. Remarkably, Jesus spent most of his […]

Three Important Stats About Our Cultural Context

The end result of a church’s focus must not merely be a bigger or better church, but a transformed community. The end result of a church’s mission statement must not be the church itself, but a broader community impacted and changed. As we consider serving and impacting the world around us, it is wise to […]

Add Leaders, Multiply Ministry

One of the reasons developing leaders is so critical for a church is the multiplying result. As leaders are developed, the influence of the ministry is exponentially expanded. Ministry is greatly multiplied when leaders are developed and deployed. As the scope of leadership broadens, so does the scope of ministry. When you add a developed […]