Four Warning Signs You Are Not Listening to Your Team

Wise leaders listen to the people they lead. They recognize they are finite in their knowledge and wisdom, don’t have all the answers, and benefit from the minds of those they serve alongside. It is foolish to not listen to those on your team. Not only do you lose the benefit of their collective wisdom […]

Stop Saying You Are Being Micromanaged IF…

In many cases, what is called “micromanagement” is really a wise leader giving direction to someone who has shown they still need direction. According to Ken Blanchard’s famous “situational leadership” model, a person who has not proven to be competent in a specific skill should receive “directing leadership” from the leader. Not to give direction […]

Defining Expectations with Your Supervisor

For a season I facilitated coaching networks for executive pastors—leaders who serve under the leadership of a senior pastor and are often responsible for the daily operations, the staff, and other large buckets of work. One of the most consistent lines of questioning I received from these leaders pertained to role clarity regarding decision-making and […]

3 Questions to Help You Manage Your Boss

Nearly 35 years ago, two Harvard professors, John Gabbaro and John Kotter, published a seminal article titled “Managing Your Boss.” In the article, they wisely articulated that strong ties with your leader are best for you, your leader, and the organization. Effective leaders don’t only lead their teams well; they also excel in leading upward. […]