5 Negative Influences on Pastors Who Leave Pastoring

We often hear of pastors who step away from pastoring to pursue other opportunities, some within vocational ministry and some within the marketplace. At times there are moral failures that disqualify leaders from their roles. At times the pastors develop a passion or sense God calling them to something else. And at times the pastors […]

3 Warning Signs a Leader Is Growing Numb

Because leadership is challenging and never-ending, many leaders are prone to exhaustion and burnout. There is always more to do, always more to accomplish, and always people disappointed. To fight the pains of leadership, wise leaders take time to continually care for their own health and their own souls. And when burnout creeps in, wise […]

Leaders, Don’t Get Numb

When did you go from being burned out to being numb? How long did it take to digress from burned out to numb? Did he just get numb and stop caring? Those are questions I have asked in conversations with leaders, and those alongside them, who have taken themselves out of leading or have been […]

Four Practical Ways to Avoid Burnout

After posting a blog called “Four Warning Signs You Are Approaching Burnout,” I heard from several friends and leaders who were struggling with burnout or felt they were headed in that direction. They wisely recognized warning signs in their lives and were committed to making adjustments. Self-leadership is critical. We must lead ourselves well, and […]

Four Warning Signs You’re Approaching Burnout

The pressure, responsibilities, and pace placed on leaders can be immense. If leaders don’t care for themselves, burnout is inevitable. Sadly, many leaders struggle with reading the signs that they are approaching burnout. Despite all the advice, books, and sessions calling leaders to care for themselves, many leaders struggle with slowing down. Many fail to […]

Don’t Blame Your Schedule For Your Burnout

The following is a post by Ed Stetzer. Ed is the Executive Director of LifeWay Research, an author, a blogger at Christianity Today, and the pastor of Grace Church. This was originally posted on the LifeWay Church Leaders blog. We live in a world that is defined by boundaries. Our roads are painted with them, […]